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The Art of Remembrance

Memories are a precious commodity. They allow us to build a bridge to the past. They stir our souls, conjuring up feelings that can transport us to another place and time. They also represent the essence of a person’s life after they have passed on to a better place.

You may be visiting these pages because you’ve recently lost a loved one. Or you may be here because your loved one has passed some time ago and you’re seeking to enhance the process of remembrance. Perhaps you're here to simply celebrate life. Regardless of what brought you here, we hope you take solace in knowing that Lifetime Lookback can help bring the past to life. Our unique platform allows individuals to easily build an online tribute that captures the essence of a loved one’s life. Then, Lifetime Lookback’s advanced technology creates a portal to the past – providing access to the Tribute Pages via mobile device for gravesite visitors. Those paying their respects simply scan or enter the information that’s attached to the grave marker and within seconds a wealth of information streams directly to their mobile phone or tablet. Visitors also have the option of posting a secure personal message that will be delivered to family members of the deceased, notifying them that a visit has occurred. All these wonderful capabilities serve to enhance the art of remembrance, making it a richer, more meaningful multi-dimensional experience.

Take A Video Tour

Click on the “Play” arrow inside the image to the right to launch a brief video review of the Lifetime Lookback service.

We’ve carefully designed every aspect of the Lifetime Lookback system to be easy to use, safe and secure. Once the service is activated, users receive a “Caretaker” password, and access to step by step online instructions on how to build personalized Tribute Pages full of rich and meaningful information about their loved one.

An integral part of the program is the specially designed “Tribute Tag” that is sent to the User/Caretaker and easily affixed to the grave site marker. The 1.5 inch square weatherproof “tag” features a laser printed QR code and website address that links grave site visitors to the Caretaker’s customized Tribute Pages. An all weather adhesive makes installation a breeze.

The weatherproof Tribute Tag has both a QR code and URL that directs grave site visitors to customized Tribute Pages.

Our single most important mission is to help facilitate and enhance the remembrance process. That’s why the one-time $129 activation fee allows unlimited access to modify, re-create or append the base Tribute Pages. Need more information or have questions? Simply click on the Contact Us text link above and we’ll be glad to help answer your questions – online, 24 hours a day. You’ll also find additional information listed below detailing other features and benefits the service has to offer. Learn how easy it is to activate the Lifetime Lookback service. Click on the button below, and bring the past to life…

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Access Anywhere

Visitors can access Lifetime Lookback Tribute Pages with any form of internet access on their mobile device. Cell phones, tablets and Blackberrys become a portal to the past.

Family History

Tribute Pages are perfect for family members who visit a gravesite and may have never met the deceased, turning a one dimensional experience into a multi-faceted glimpse into a lifetime of history.

Paying Respect

The Lifetime Lookback service can send family members and loved ones a personal message from visitors while they are at the gravesite, adding new meaning to the act of paying respect.

Creating Memories That Last

We all have them, photographs that are collecting dust in shoeboxes and scrapbooks…audio tapes with voices of loved ones frozen in time…memories that are clear as day in our minds and hearts, but tough to put into words and images. The process of translating meaningful moments from a loved one’s past so others can better understand the essence of their lives might seem like a daunting task. That’s why Lifetime Lookback created an easy to use, step by step system that’s designed to help users (Caretakers) compose a historical biography of a life in a multi-dimensional format – and do it all with the simple click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

Step 1

Upon receiving your activation request, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with your Caretaker Passcode, and a link to our page building site.

Step 2

Gather background information on your loved one, including pictures and audio files and you’ll be ready to create a Bio page. Simply fill in the vital information that's requested and select from one of our many design templates to customize the look and feel of your pages.

Step 3

Upload your photos and audio files and the Past comes to Life! Don’t have digital photo files? We can provide direction and assistance to get your photos ready to upload. You can even elect to send them to us for personal handling.

Step 4

Share the site! Lifetime Lookback provides you with a link to the site to share what you’ve created. Within 30 days, you’ll receive a Tribute Tag to place on your loved one’s monument. The tag contains a QR code and website address that provides a direct link to your Tribute Pages for grave site visitors.

At Lifetime Lookback, we strive to make the process of building a meaningful remembrance for your loved one fast, easy and secure. Should assistance be needed, users take comfort knowing that help is just a click away, as we offer 24 hour online customer support. Still have questions? Contact us. If not, click on the Get Started button below – and bring the past to life. History can repeat itself; just leave that part to us.

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Sounds From The Past

Audio recordings of a loved one can also be uploaded to Tribute Pages providing another dimension to the remembrance experience. Simply upload wave files by following the easy step by step directions located on the tutorial for building page content.

Supporting a Cause

Lifetime Lookback provides the opportunity for gravesite visitors to donate to a charity of the Caretaker’s choice – helping to support a meaningful cause in the name of those who have passed.

We Can Build Your Pages

Lifetime Lookback offers customized digitizing and uploading services for those who have photos and other content and prefer to not build their own pages. Simply send us your information and we’ll get to work.

We’ve Made Getting Started Easy

Activating the Lifetime Lookback service and setting up customized Tribute Pages is quick and easy. Simply follow the instructions below and in no time you'll be bringing the past to life.

Sample Tribute Pages

Standard Tribute

View Sample Page

Military Tribute

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Pet Tribute

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