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Frequently Asked Questions

Being a new service that utilizes some of the latest technologies, we know that there are bound to be some questions. Below is a list of some of the more common questions we've recieved. Don't see your question? Feel free to contact us and a representative will respond to you personally.

Are there any other charges once I sign up and pay my activation fee?

No. Users and Caretakers (those responsible for initially creating Tribute Pages for a loved one) can enjoy unlimited access to all the features of the Lifetime Lookback service, allowing updates to pages as often as necessary.

Once I sign up, how long do I have to activate the service?

Caretakers are e-mailed a secure password within 24 hours of sign up and can elect to start adding information to pages whenever they wish. This also allows content and photos to be quickly uploaded to pages for reflection during the funeral service.

Can there be more than one Caretaker for a site? My sister/brother would also like to help create pages.

Yes, a Caretaker can elect to share access to Tribute Pages allowing multiple people to assist with page creation. (Note: Initial Caretakers are encouraged to limit the number of people accessing a page to help maintain control over content.)

How do I know when a grave site visit has occurred?

The Lifetime Lookback service provides an option for immediate notification to the site Caretaker informing them that someone has accessed a loved one’s Tribute Pages. Grave site visitors can also elect to post a message through mobile access which will in turn be sent immediately to the Caretaker for distribution to other family members.

I am not computer savvy at all. How easy is the program to use? What if I have problems?

We’ve designed the Lifetime Lookback system to make it very easy for even beginning computer users to create meaningful Tribute Pages. Should assistance be needed for any problem, a 24 hour online support service is available.

What if I want to use the service, but really don’t have the means, time or resources to put my content, including photos, into useable form?

Lifetime Lookback provides inexpensive customized page creation services allowing Caretakers to send their photos and other information about the deceased directly to our Marketing Dept. for processing into Tribute Pages.

How customized can my pages be? My father was in the service, and I’d like to commemorate him by using a military theme.

Lifetime Lookback provides a wide variety of themed background pages to choose from – including specific photo “frames” to help capture the essence of a loved one’s history, hobbies and lifestyle. Each photo also has a space provided for a brief description to highlight details.

Other than photographs, what other material is suggested for Tribute Pages to make them meaningful?

Each Tribute Page starts with a “Biography” section, allowing historical background information to be built about a loved one. Such things as birthplace, schools attended, family members, children and lifetime achievements can be added to an intro page to compliment a photo archive that takes visitors “through the years”. Even audio files can be uploaded, for added dimension and meaning. Our tutorial assistance can help suggest content to build an in-depth profile of the deceased that truly captures the essence of their life.

How long does it take to get the Tribute Tag, and who puts it on the gravesite monument?

Tribute Tags are sent via US Mail to Caretakers within 30 days of activation, and typically arrive around the time that the monument is secured at the gravesite. Caretakers or a designated responsible party can affix the tag to the monument.

How are the Tribute Tags secured to the monument?

Each Tribute Tag has a specially designed all-weather adhesive applied to the back of the tag, allowing simple peel and place attachment to a variety of surfaces.

Can my Tribute Pages be blocked from access by the general public? I'd like to only allow specific people to view the content...

Yes, Tribute Pages can be set up as Private by the Caretaker during the page building process. The password can then be sent to only specific people authorized by the Caretaker to have access.

How can I give the Lifetime Lookback service as a gift?

Simply contact us at 513-828-5600 and we'll directly process your order and e-mail you a prepaid gift receipt suitable for forwarding to your receipient.